Our Suppliers


Ailey Mae Chocolate

Ailey Mae's raw chocolate was started with the desire to create delicious chocolate from simple, high quality ingredients.  All the chocolate is made by Ailey in North Berwick, East Lothian.  We stock a range of her bars and truffles, including the incredibly popular peanut butter bar!  We also use her Chai hot chocolate in our café (it's very good!)


Artisan RoasT

As well as a tasting lab and roastery, Artisan Roast have cafés in Edinburgh and Glasgow.  They hand roast to order in small batches which keeps the coffee as fresh as possible. Their beans come from estates, co-operatives or collectives from Africa, Asia and America and they pride themselves on paying more than the Fairtrade base rate.  We are very happy to use their beans in our café, where each cup is freshly ground to order.  You can also buy their beans from us to enjoy at home.



With an established reputation for quality, Belhaven Smokehouse offer a wide selection of the finest smoked produce. Established in 1975, Belhaven is one of only a handful of independent fish farm processors in Scotland. We are pleased to be using their smoked mackerel and trout to make our fish pâtés.


black and Gold cold pressed rapeseed oil

Produced in the heart of East Lothian, at Stevenson Mains, the Elders have been growing oil seed rape for over 25 years. They sow it, grow it, oversee the pressing, harvest it and sell it.  We use this amazing oil in all our cooking and baking.  It is available to buy from us in 250ml and 500ml bottles.  


Chocolate Tree

Award winning artisan chocolatiers & craft chocolate makers in Haddington, East Lothian.  These guys know their chocolate!  We use their Winter Spice hot chocolate in the café.  We also sell a range of their organic bars, bean to bar and hot chocolate.  



Coco is an Artisan Chocolatier based in Edinburgh that specialises in making ethically traded, organic chocolate. We use their hot chocolate in our café.  We have  five flavours to choose - Plain, Aztec (with a kick of chilli), Rose and Black Pepper (think turkish delight), Cardamom and Cinnamon and their organic white hot chocolate infused with lavender, lemongrass and vanilla.  We also sell a large range of their bars including the very popular gin and Tonic!


Dunbar Bakery

Established as a community bakery, Dunbar Bakery are determined to put the heart back into the loaf and the community.  They believe in quality over quantity and all their breads are made on site without the use of artificial ingredients, improvers or enhancements. We stock a range of their breads throughout the week.



East Coast Organics operate a highly productive biodynamic farm in East Lothian.  They produce a vast range of vegetables, salad, fruit and eggs.  We are very happy to be selling their free range organic eggs in the Café.  Delicious fresh eggs from happy hens!


Khleb Bakery

Khleb Bakery is a micro bakery based in Cockenzie offering delicious stone baked sourdough bread, slowly fermented and patiently crafted. Aliona, originally from Russia ("Khleb" means bread in Russian) is passionate about using local produce and uses Mungoswells flour. Having opened in November 2015 her business has grown considerably and we are delighted to be selling her bread.



The Flour produced at Mungoswells is made entirely from wheat grown on their farm in East Lothian.  Having their own mill means that they are able to produce flour quite unlike commercially produced varieties. Mungoswells' white flour has small darker flecks in it, which are particles of bran, the outer protective skin of the grain. These tiny flecks enrich the flour with extra protein, fibre and nutrients.  We use their flour in all our cooking and baking.  We also sell their flour in our café.


Pekoe Tea

We sell and use the lovely leaf tea from Pekoe Tea of Edinburgh.  Established in 2006, Pekoe Tea have developed strong relationships with suppliers around the world and trade ethically with small companies and estates guaranteeing the freshest and highest quality teas available. 


Yester Dairies

Yester Farm Dairies is a family dairy selling high quality milk and cream direct from their family farm, Yester Mains, just outside the village of Gifford in East Lothian.  We use their milk in the café and in all our cooking.